Literally my math teacher abandoned today’s lesson because some kid brought his kitten to school i don’t even know

I did this! The professor just got distracted when he would do something cute but kept teaching the class anyway.


The Eye, 1945
Salvador Dali


The Eye, 1945

Salvador Dali

It makes me upset that we use so many plastic bags when we could be using cellulose.

So this lady is holding a machete saying that she is going to kill herself.
Santa Cruz, ca.
Read about it here:

Anonymous asked: “whattttt..you dont see yourself geting married?... what, are you a slut?../: lol cause thats kindaa sad. Sounds like you cant commit and want to hoe around or something....”

HAHAHAHAHA your logic is real shitty. Well I’m already in a domestic partnership and that showed me how much of a joke marriage actually is.
So get this: you pay money to sign a paper (given to you by the government no less) that is an agreement to be with someone forever and always. It doesn’t change anything, it won’t make you a more dedicated partner. The only thing that will keep you together is actual dedication which doesn’t need to be spelled out and defined on some god forsaken government document. Seems like some kind of ploy to get the government more involved (and in control of) not only your life but your money as well.
Think about it the homosexual populating who has been, since the start of this nation, unable to actually marry the person they love (up until just recently) because the government said no. I’m sure that many of them came to lead perfectly normal lives in completely functional relationships with their one partner for always and forever. And at times more so than individuals who are stuck in a web of paperwork trying to get out of a shitty marriage that they didn’t understand they were getting into. It didn’t take a piece of paper and their signatures to say I love you and I will work my hardest to keep you happy. Many people in the gay community still to this day refuse to get a government or “official” marriage because they don’t believe in the governments bullshit. Also whose to say one person is supposed to be with only one other person for the rest of their life? People change and grow as they age. Just because you thought you knew what you were doing at one point in time doesn’t mean it won’t change between that time and when you die. Theirs really no logical reason for people to get and stay married now a days if they don’t want to. It’s unnecessary in the first place and their isn’t some huge religious pull keeping people from divorcing anymore (which is probably the main reason why, as I said before, divorce rates are so damn high).
For me it isn’t about not being able to dedicate myself or getting new ass until the day in in the grass but more about myself being happy as well as know that I’m making the right choices for myself. I’m not sure what any of that has to do with being a slut either. Also you can also be an undedicated slut after you get married. Many people are. It’s just a piece of paper. You must be some kinda little kid for having such limited thinking.

Anonymous asked: “How would you explain your love for your bf compared to how you felt for your ex? and do you see yourself marrying your bf?:)”

I don’t know of I could ever see myself getting married.
I’m not sure that I want to compare the emotions that I felt for two different people at two different points in time. Explaining emotion is a difficult thing to do.

Anonymous asked: “can u post some pics of u and ur bf or kitten?:) u have the cutest and prettiest pics!!”

I have roll of film I’m trying to develop. :)

Anonymous asked: “What does your last post mean? i thought you and your bf lived together?!”

We do not live together. Last night he was put with his friend so he wasn’t there when I fell asleep.

Ugh. I ache to sleep in your arms, too far from home.


i wanna bury my face in it


i wanna bury my face in it